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Using this page you may deliver API messages using UN/EDIFACT  or  US/EDIFACT formats. You may also select any details you should require regarding reception of API (Avanced Passenger Information) messages by Customs.

In order to deliver API messages you must authenticate yourself when activating this option. To gain access, you should previously send your user´s name and the proposed password. These data should be sent via e-mail to our specialists

In this Site you will find “Help” for delivering API messages directly and even the necessary software to create API messages.

If you do not have access to the said Site, there are two options for delivering API messages, i.e, sending them as enclosed messages to:

 SITA: HAVADCU     and/or      email: api@agr.aduana.cu

Should you want to run tests of API messages delivery you will have to assume flight numbers with your Airline code followed by four zero numbers, i.e.; CU0000, OW0000, AA0000, 3M0000, etc.

Reception of messages by our server is published and after 15 minutes they are deleted.

Should you desire to check if API messages have been correctly delivered, please select “Aceptado” (Accepted”) and the relevant Airport. If the message is not shown you should enter through “Rechazados” (Rejected). Should the message not be shown you should enter through “Mensajes Indefinidos” (Undefined Messages).

A page of accepted and rejected messages during the past 24-hour period is shown for every Airport.

In case of rejected messages a link has been provided with a page explaining the causes for the rejection.

Messages received but not complying with the required format and requirements shall be automatically rejected.

We expect that the information provided in this Site probes useful to you.

We are open to and welcome any suggestions conveyed to us for the improvement of this Site.

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